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Forex Trading with Halifax

160+ currency pairs, 24/7

Trade forex with a real edge, open an account with Halifax and benefit from:

  • Competitive spreads on over 160 currency pairs, 24 hours a day

  • Execute with precision across our range of advanced trading platforms

  • Advanced order types, including contingent orders

  • Get extra transparency and precision with fractional pip pricing

  • Free forex trading tools and educational courses

  • Automate your FX trading with Auto Trade from Halifax or design your own Expert Adviser with MetaTrader 4

What is Forex?

Forex Trading Overview


Base currency | Quote currency

Forex, or FX, trading involves the act of buying one currency while simultaneously selling another. A currency pair (i.e. NZD/USD, New Zealand Dollar/US Dollar) shows how many units of the quote currency (the second currency, USD) you would receive for one unit of base currency (the first currency, NZD).

Forex is dynamic, global, and liquid, holding the crown of the world’s largest market, with a daily turnover predicted in excess of $4 trillion dollars.

Currency Trading Examples

Why Trade FX?

Over the past decade the foreign exchange market has risen in popularity amongst private traders as it offers several advantages:

Trade 24 hours a day

Forex never sleeps. Find opportunity 24 hours a day five plus days a week.

Deep Liquidity

Join the world’s largest financial market with over $4 trillion in daily turnover.

Low Trading Costs

No data fees, no exchange fees and typically low commission.

Leverage up to 100:1

Make efficient use of your capital with flexible leverage.