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Futures trading with Halifax

Experience our broad array of futures trading tools and resources.

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  • With direct access to world’s biggest global exchanges you can trade global indices, oils, metals, currencies, agricultures and bonds

  • Competitive pricing – trade ASX Futures from AU$ 9 per contract

  • Advanced trading platforms and tools

  • Deep liquidity and tight spreads on all major contracts

  • Trading Systems – diversify your portfolio with our flagship investment product

  • Go fully automated with futures trading systems via our Auto Trade service

  • Dedicated account manager

  • Live access to fundamental research, live market data and institutional news feeds

Futures Explained

A futures contract is an agreement between a buyer and a seller to exchange a specific asset, such as gold, oil or coffee, at a future date for a price agreed to today.

Traditionally a futures contact brings together two types of market participants; those who wish to mitigate risk (hedgers) and those who wish to profit from risk (speculators). Simply put, futures are an efficient method to exchange risk from one party to another.

For example, a ‘hedger’ can sell a futures contract to protect themselves against price fluctuations. While buying a futures contract will allow a ‘speculator’ to potentially profit from changes to an assets value.

Reasons to trade futures

  • Hedge Price Changes

  • Employ Leverage

  • Go Long or Short Easily

  • Trade a 24-hour Market

Futures Technology

All the tools you need to trade futures.

Automated Futures Systems

Remove human error from the equation and let a computer trade for you with Auto Trade from Halifax. No need to execute or monitor orders, it’s all done for you in real time from your own account. Simply sign up, select a system and trade.

Trade Alerts

You can subscribe to investment alerts on the TWS platform. Contact your account manager for more information.

Futures Trading Platforms

Start trading Futures online with our range of trading platforms.