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Welcome to the Trading Academy!

Designed to help traders of all levels develop experience and expertise in the financial markets through simple, easy to understand, step-by-step education and trading resources.

Trading Academy's core purpose is to reveal the landscape of the Financial Markets in a transparent, simplistic and honest way, highlighting the many risks and pitfalls involved as well as the potential rewards that trading provides.

If you're looking for an edge and clarity around what to trade and invest in, when to get in and when to get out, then in order to achieve this result, education is absolutely essential! It is through education that Trading Academy imparts wisdom and experience around sound analysis and calculated strategies to eliminate the potential punters mentality out of trading and investing.

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The markets are seemingly random with endless contradictory information, rendering many trading strategies useless and the decision-making process confusing with an uncertain outcome. This can be very frustrating for the trader and lead to impatient, poorly thought out trading execution.


To trade with confidence requires education of the highest standard presented in a simple, practical step-by-step format, neutral toward profit and loss, with the purpose of providing the trader a long-term edge. Trading Academy delivers exactly that through approaching the markets from a holistic perspective. This is achieved by providing an easy to understand roadmap outlining the journey the life cycle of a trade takes from Trade Inception to Trade Completion, with emphasis on a variety of trading strategies working together to formulate future probable hot spots of entry and exit in the markets.

Would you like to learn to trade?

Then Trading Academy would like to invite you with complete encouragement to join us on an educational journey into the wonderful world of trading on the financial markets. Getting started is easy with the following course:


The course is made up of over 1000 pages, 50+ videos, and 40+ PDF files spread across 4 modules.

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  • Module-1 (12 Sections) – Mechanics of Trading

  • Module-2 (10 Sections) – Learning the Markets

  • Module-3 (10 Sections) – Technical Analysis

  • Module-4 (12 Sections) – Trading in Action


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